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2003-08-18 Small problem in the package

There is a small problem in the morphine ipk package. There is a need to rename the installed exec file from morphine.arm to morphine (in your INSTALLDIR/opt/QtPalmtop/bin directory) I'll generate a new ipk file ASAP, but I don't have time for now. Please note that the development of Moprhine as just been sleeping while I'm finishing my thesis. It should be living again soon now (I hope).

2003-04-11 Morphine 2.0.0 beta2 released

Morphine 2.0.0 beta have been released. This include bugfix.

2003-02-28 Morphine 2.0.0 alpha released

Morphine 2.0.0 alpha have been released. Yes, it really happened, at least. This is the first available version of the soft. I give an explaination in the FAQ.

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